3 reasons to not vote for Narendra Modi

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Now that Narendra Modi has been declared the BJP’s poll campaign chairman (effectively its Prime Minister candidate if he can lead them to a majority or a strong position), it’s time for the voter to decide whether Modi is the person he or she wants running the country.

Since you’ve read till here, I’ll assume this topic interests you and you may have already given it some thought. You might even be pro-Modi. But there are certain things you need to reconsider before you give him your all-important vote. Here are three reasons you might want to change your mind:

1. No special treatment. For anyone.

Are you the kind of person who likes free laptops from the government? Or a farmer who thinks free electricity is his birthright? Or a VHP worker who’s looking forward to the time of his life once Modi, the “saffron poster-boy” is in power? Or someone who belongs to the same caste as him and expects all the perks that that entails?

In that case, Modi’s not the man for you.

The Gujarat government’s Jyotigram Yojana did away with free electricity for a lot of farmers, instead ensuring continuous, constant supply. In fact, as this article (written just before the 2007 assembly elections) notes,

… more than 1,30,000 people — mostly farmers — have been raided and fined for power theft over the last five years. More than 2,000 farmers have been jailed for power theft and related crimes. Many of them were Bharatiya Janata Party or Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh supporters who form the backbone of the anti-Modi campaign in Saurashtra region.

And they didn’t stop that even in an election year! Further, he has been known for giving meagre subsidies to farmers (a fact which the Congress exploits fully come election time), and even increases the tariffs with increase in production costs. What an anti-farmer government!

In an election year, not one politician dares to antagonize the communities he or she enjoys the support of. Whether it be the khap panchayats of Haryana who think chowmein causes rapes, or some Muslim communities who believe madrasas are a viable alternative to primary schooling, there always exist politicians who mollycoddle them. Forget election years, even in lazy, fodder-guzzling years no one asks them to start changing their views. Not Modi. Scarcely a year away from the all-important 2012 election, which Keshubhai Patel and the Leuva Patels (actively supported by the Bharatiya Kisan Singh and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, whose reasons for being miffed with Modi are evident in the preceding and succeeding paragraphs respectively) were all set to spoil for Modi, he addressed a gathering of Kadva Patels (the other Patel sub-caste, who many assumed would side with the BJP if the Leuvas went with Keshubhai), and asked them to stop killing female foetuses. Yes, read that again. He actually told them to get their act together and bring the sex ratio back to natural levels. He went on to admonish them again a few months later (and hence closer to the election) when the Keshubhai cacophony was nearing supersonic levels.

The most oft-heard description of Modi is that he’s a “Hindutva hardliner”, “anti-Muslim”, “communal” or “saffron poster-boy”. To people who’ve not been to Gujarat in the past ten years, it must seem like Nazi Germany, complete with Muslims forced to wear identification and living only in ghettos and the whole shebang. Logical might be the conclusion that “goons” of the VHP-Bajrang Dal-RSS variety must be roaming free on streets, raping and pillaging in Muslim areas. Those people couldn’t be more wrong. The VHP in Gujarat is alienated from Modi because he does not allow its leaders to have their say at any level of government, and does not accord them any special status or respect. In fact, several of his government’s actions, such as demolition of illegal temples and demands in the courts for death penalty for 2002 riot convicts (many of them VHP or Bajrang Dal members) have rattled the VHP, many of whose cadres actually campaigned against the BJP in both 2007 and 2012.

It is becoming more common knowledge today, but three successive assembly elections have been fought in Gujarat without a majority of the people even knowing the caste of their Chief Minister. As a usually anti-Modi columnist grudgingly admits,

… he is not a caste-based leader. Like Jayalalitha and Mamata Banerjee, and unlike Mulayam Singh Yadav, Sharad Pawar, Nitish Kumar and Mayawati, Modi’s electoral popularity does not come from belonging to a community. Modi is a Ghanchi from the OBC caste of oil pressers called teli in the north. It is not numerically significant in Gujarat in electoral terms, and not a votebank he can rely on. In any case he neither makes reference to it, nor does he have the reputation for promoting fellow Ghanchis.

There. No caste benefits.

Even Modi’s own relatives don’t have any great reasons for voting him in. He does not give them cheap land nor does he miraculously absolve their businesses of their tax evasions. In fact, all of them lead extremely ordinary lives. To top it all, one of his brothers is a ration association dealer who frequently campaigns against the government and another is a low-level clerk in Modi’s own government (he joined long before Modi became the CM, just in case the words “plum job” were about to enter your head)! Take a look at this video:

Well, you could argue they’ve hidden away the Porsche bought from money meant for tribals or something, but look at that house!

Lastly, if you’re Robert Vadra, you most probably won’t vote for him. If you were the only person mentioned explicitly by name on a particular list, you wouldn’t want to lose that privilege, would you?

2. He challenges the status quo.

Do you work in the mainstream television or print media and hope for a Padma Shri or Rajya Sabha seat? Does your media house rely on government tenders and advertisements of the “All hail His Highness Rajiv Gandhi, inventor of the internet, on the 50th anniversary of some insignificant event in his life” breed to stay afloat? Do you run an NGO for peace and and communal harmony which ostensibly works for those things and surreptitiously transfers funds to causes like Maoism and expanding your personal wealth? Are you someone who believes in ethics and morality and ideals like secularism and democracy, and somehow manages to find the Congress a paragon of all these? Are you an academic or a historian of the Left-liberal variety, who claims that the root of all evil is Hinduism and the “Brahmin-Bania nexus”, and their “oppression” of the lower castes, so that a low-caste leader actually proud of being a Hindu finally becoming the country’s Prime Minister on a popular wave would shatter your perceptions of Indian society? Are you in charge of a Christian evangelist organization (or the USCIRF itself) which gets away with its reprehensible activities because it pretends to be working for human rights and religious freedom? Are you a politician paying lip service to all castes and religions come election time, and then sleeping for five years, who are now afraid that if people see a public servant who actually works for them, you’re going to get battered?

Narendra Modi's reaction on reading this article.

Narendra Modi’s reaction on reading this article.

In short, if the main goal (and source of livelihood) in your life in independent India has been to oppose the likes of Modi at every possible opportunity, and if his becoming the PM - not only without your support but also after fighting successfully against your incessant lies, insults and abuses - would deprive you of that livelihood, you should do well to vote against him, and also incite your readers, followers and sundry to do the same.

3. Minimum government.

Anyone who’s been closely watching Modi for the last few years must be aware of his pet phrase, “Minimum government, maximum governance”.

A very common notion in India’s democracy is that a government rules over the country. This is, as pointed out here, a legacy of British rule and the governments we have had in independent India, which the author calls “British Raj 2.0″. To quote him:

In the US, they say the “Bush administration” or the “Clinton administration”; in India, it is the “Congress rule” or the “BJP rule”.

Administration and rule are different functions. In the former, the government is a means employed by the people to achieve goals that are essentially set by the people. In principal-agent terms, the people are the principal and the government is merely their agent. In this scheme, the people invest the government with certain limited powers to achieve specific goals. The government is like the driver who gets to drive the car but where the car is going is decided by the owner of the car. The driver is only nominally in charge of the car but the person really in control of the car isn’t the driver.

In contrast to the “administration” type of government, in India we have the “rule” type of government. The government rules over the people. The people are restricted by the government to only specific tasks. The people obey what the government orders. While it’s true that people choose the government but the choice they have is the choice of a slave about whom to serve, not the choice of being the master.

The coming of Modi would mean a transition from the “rule” type of government to the “administration” type. A government which allows citizens to do what they want, facilitates their aspirations and moves out of the way, not the mai-baap style of socialism followed by the country so far. Modi will not come up with gargantuan employment guarantee schemes that rob the country in the name of social welfare, fill the pockets of middlemen and actually encourage people to not do any productive work, thus ensuring their continued dependence on the system, the perpetuation of the system and therefore the relevance of the scheme-makers themselves.

Gone will be the days where months are required to get official clearances for even the smallest of businesses; gone will be the days where a handful of “social activists” can decide the economic policies of the nation, the days where the welfare of the poor will depend solely on benevolent handouts from the powers that be; gone will be the days where village students get free laptops but no electricity to run them on.

Modi believes in the spirit and the aspirations of Indians. He believes that an Indian is capable of achieving what he desires, if given a little push and a few basic resources from the government. To quote this article from India Today,

He seems to know where to focus the energies and resources of government. There are no freebies on offer in Gujarat but there is plenty of government investment in physical infrastructure, like power, roads and irrigation, precisely the opposite of what UPA does. For all the criticism of his authoritarian manner, Modi is perfectly willing to let the private sector free of government control. Where clearances are mandatory, he gets them done without fuss. He is liberal with foreign investors, unlike the BJP which suffers from frequent bouts of xenophobia.

If you are a bureaucrat who revels in red tape and delays in clearances (and the cash inflows they lead to); or a politician who’s only game-plan is to keep promising the world to the poor, give them enough to make them feel you’re doing something but not so much as to actually get them out of poverty, thus ensuring they’re permanently devoted to you; or a member of the media, the government or an NGO who thinks everything in India must be managed from Delhi; it is this quality about Modi that would scare you and compel you to press any button other than the one with the lotus.

It is this attitude that helped the Gujarat government under Modi empower local governments to themselves solve their problems of water supply and irrigation with proactive (yet minimal) State government intervention. It is this attitude that makes Modi wary of the Centre’s attempts at destabilizing the federal structure of our country with its policies to make the states powerless. It is this attitude that has let business, both large and small, flourish in Gujarat, with minimum intervention from the government. His is a government that facilitates, not one that constrains.

To close, I quote again from the India Today article:

The sources of growth must now come from within India, but outside Government.

For this, India needs a radical new leadership. Unfortunately, Delhi’s entrenched political establishment, irrespective of party, is unlikely to provide such a leader, simply because it benefits the most from the status quo. That is precisely why the national leaderships of both Congress and BJP fear Narendra Modi. He has positioned himself as the ultimate anti-establishment candidate who can end business-as-usual at the Centre. He is increasingly seen as someone who can address the biggest crisis of India: Bad, unresponsive, government.

So, be very, very careful while casting your vote. You might inadvertently end up electing someone who’ll actually take the country forward and lead it to peace and prosperity.

  • mad_warrior

    please translate it in all launguages and make a audible version of this article in every launguage ….broadcast this to every person , on radio,FM, through calls to mobile phones ..whatever ……..but make people of india accept this change……..

    • http://santoshsharma.in/ santosh sharma

      Great idea. writer may need others help to translate it.

      • admin

        If you know someone who wishes to translate, do let me know.

  • Ankur Vashistha

    yes i agree with the suggestion what is written above………we want to take this to the hinterland of India where real Bharat resides and which are looted by Congress by the freebies……….Please take it to every nook and corner of India and Bharat


    Where ever Modi wins there would RIOTS… RIOTS and more RIOTS

    • Indian

      Sir, FYI theres no riots in Gujarat (not even a single incident) after horrible 2002… And if i could recall Mr.Modi administered the state in that tenure.. So please get proper information before writing !!

      • John

        Couldn’t agree more. In fact, this blog shows really strong and required characteristic exhibited by Modi for our government.
        1.No benefits = Fair distribution of wealth & positive development
        2.Challenge status quo = agreeing to change with an open mind. (India needs change to stop barbaric behavior for wealth in the society)
        3.Min government, maximum governance = lesser redundant employees implies lesser red tape drag and in turn also decreases taxes because now the administration will become smaller but more effective and rigid.

        Good change for the system to become better!

      • Ashwin

        U r Right brother…. some losers must have written that….

    • JD

      I dont seem to understand why do the people of this nation tend to forget that Sabarmati Train was burned with people inside?

      I presume that people think it is not a reason good enough for the reaction that took place after that. Not that either of it should have happened.

      And why are some people so happy with the incumbent party? Hopefully NaMo will bring about the change required.

      I suppose many want to RETAIN THE STATUS QUO!! NaMO WONT LET IT HAPPEN!! :P

      • XYZ

        Why do you tend to forget the tenure of Indira Gandhi in 1984 and during emergency

      • shveta sharma

        this article showing that how good is modi

      • shveta sharma

        and do u remember all the riots happen in 60 years
        by indira gandhi, sajjan kumar, 1947 riots

    • Nirav

      you must be congressian or mulayam or mayavati party who always talk about communal and riots..get your history knowledge checked and then write..stop writing idiotic comments like pappu and if you can’t help the country for good leader then do NOT be a resistance to it

      • Firdos

        Well said!

    • Genius

      Only a fool can say this. Fact is there is not a single riot in Modi’s tenure.

    • India my Motherland

      I am sure that you do not reside in India and that you are a Congress stooge. Sir, there has been no riots in Gujarat post that horrific 2002 episode. Whereas, there have been numerous riots in Congress rules states again & again. Mr. Manohar Parrikkar (GOA CM) has put the reasons for the 2002 riots pretty well, he stated that since Modi had just taken over in Gujarat in 2002, he was still not synced into the functioning of his own administration and that he blamed the administration failure as the real reason behind the riots. Post 2002, Modi indeed has shown everyone, how to run an administration. Please have your records verified and realize that misleading statments made by people like you, would not help your own selfish cause.

      • Firdos

        Well said!

    • Indian

      what about the riots in the congress ruled states and where the congress led governments are incapable of stopping them. Do you know, that even London had riots and for some six days, the british police could not control them. Recently sweden had riots and for 7 days, there were cars getting burnt every night with the police on the roads.

      • AG

        But riots under Congress government are good and secular riots. Not like BJP’s crass divisive riots. I know these things. Barkha Dutt told me

      • For_India

        Go to Wikipedia and read about the 1984 Sikh Riots ordered by rahul gandhi, you will be ashamed to call yourself an Indian afterwards!

    • Anupam Jakhar

      NO Riots in Gujrat since last ten years

    • Ashutosh Sharma

      well have you heard about any riot in last 10 years in Gujarat?

    • Mayur

      did he win in Delhi ? Maharashtra , Hydrabad ?

    • Prash

      I think the pseudo-secular parties like Congress, SP, BSP et al are dividing the nation more than doing any good. Their policies are based on “pleasing” minorities knowing that the minorities votes are more united, and majority’s votes are divided. However, doing so is doing NO GOOD to the balance of the secular state of our country.
      I have stayed in Gujarat all my life, I do not see any discrimination being done by NaMo government towards minority. What happened in Godhra (burning of train) was not good, and what followed was even worse, but that was a reaction due to the split in the society today!!! Lets talk about development of all Indians, branding our nation to the world as a super-power. Do away with corruption!!!

      • Firdos

        Well said!

    • I support NaMo


      WORST riot 1: 1947 Communal riots in Bengal | 5000-10000 Killed | Ruling party happened to be Congress

      Riot 2: 1969 | Communal riots in Ahmedabad | More than 512 Killed in the city. 3000 to 15000 range in the entire state | Riots for 6 months | Ruling party happened to be Congress

      Riot 3: Oct 1984 | Communal riots in Delhi | 2733 Killed | Ruling party Congress | Almost 100% casualty were Sikhs, which makes this a Rajiv Gandhi led genocide on India’s minorities | Followed by “Big Tree falls” justification too from the Prime Minister!

      Riot 4: Feb 1983 | Communal violence in Nellie, Assam | 2000-5000 killed | PM – Indira Gandhi (Congress party) – India’s worst slaughter of Muslims in any single riot (just 6 HOURS)

      Riot 5: 1964 Communal riots in Rourkela & Jamshedpur | 2000 Killed | Ruling party Congress

      Riot 6: August 1980 | Moradabad Communal riots | Approx 2000 Killed | Ruling Party Congress

      Riot 7: October 1989 | Bhagalpur, Bihar riots | 800 to 2000 killed | Ruling party Congress

      Riot 8: Dec 1992 – Jan 1993 | Mumbai, Maharashtra riots | 800 to 2000 killed | Ruling party Congress

      Riot 9: April 1985 | Communal riots in Ahmedabad, Gujarat | At least 300 Killed | Ruling party Congress

      Riot 10: Dec 1992 | Aligarh, UP | At least 176 killed | Ruling party Congress (President’s rule)

      Riot 11: December 1992 | Surat, Gujarat | At least 175 killed | Ruling party Congress

      Riot 12: December 1990 | Hyderabad, AP | At least 132 killed | Ruling party Congress

      Riot 13: August 1967 | 200 Killed | Communal riots in Ranchi | Party ruling again Congress

      Riot 14: April 1979 | Communal riots in Jamshedpur, West Bengal | More than 125 killed | Ruling party CPIM (Communist Party)

      Riot 15: 1970 | Bhiwandi communal riots in Maharashtra | Around 80 killed | Ruling party Congress

      Riot 16: May 1984 | Communal riots in Bhiwandi | 146 Killed, 611 Inj | Ruling party Congress | CM – Vasandada Patil

      Riot 17: Apr-May 1987 | Communal violence in Meerut, UP | 81 killed | Ruling party Congress

      Riot 18: July 1986 | Communal violence in Ahmedabad, Gujarat | 59 Killed | Ruling party Congress

      why are we so obsessed with just 2002 Gujarat riots ? so what’s it – lets be honest , do we have problem with riots or with Modi ?

      • sujit


      • Firdos

        Superbly Well said!

    • British Raj>UPA

      If Godra= 9/11, then the congress rule that has demolished every particle of hope in this country is the U.S “war on terror” i.e. caused 100 times the damage. It’s just that in both cases the government blocked out, evaded and would bring the topic back to 9/11 or 2002 whenever it would be brought up. India is dying a slow death where the rich get filthy rich, the poor get worse and the middle class stays oblivious.

      Don’t vote for Modi if you don’t believe in him despite his resume having solid proof and not big talk, but please don’t support the UPA or else any chance of progress or wholesome growth will crash below the graph.

    • k2

      One word … u r the biggest douche ever !

    • sanchit singh

      Sounds cliche! Substantiate your arguments, will ya!

  • Keshav

    can someone please tell any of the scams that happened in Gujarat or any of the scams he was involved in, as far as we see in the news it is our beloved current ruling party who is severely interested in doing scams after scans and with the travel expenses no less than RS 500 crore of taxpayers that to for personal travel. Please someone quote on this and justify is congress better or Mr Modi

    • Subh Dev

      Can anybody conduct a survey on the ‘Most popular and most hatred Prime Minister candidate’ ? Modi will be the winner in both. Just a Facebook superman.

  • Gujju

    Mr. Keshav, Congress is too fast and much more energetic and visionary compare to Gujarat’s FIRST STATE MAN, reason is look at the size and no. of scam…

    List is too long to write but if your vision is limited to economic growth, social security and overall prosperity then you are limited with choice of to vote FIRST STATE MAN…,

    If you have some monetary or selfish motto, then you can vote congress, you can always pay the money and even PMO will work as liasioning office for eg., JET Etihad Deal,

    If you looking for business in specific industry or market or product, they will pass the “ordinance bill” with budget of 5000+ Cr. and create business for you,

    So now you have a choice, you want your selfish present with Congress or bright future of your kids through FIRST STATE MAN,

    HAR HAR NAMO !!!


  • Rahul

    Modi for PM…..he has every right to be the guiding light of modern India

  • jai ho namo

    only a ignorant fool can choose congress or a person who is getting direct kick backs and benefits from the congress.

  • Chandru

    guys this is all political gimic…..we all knows what is Modi….according to me he is the best condidate for next PM……pls support everyone……

  • chandru

    very true…. dont belive in this…its all political game.

  • sagar

    Chandru read it again , the article also says the same thing that you are saying

  • Dixy

    No special treatment for anyone- If this is how the world functioned- many countries of africa and asia would have been obliterated long back (India too maybe). There are certain sections that need “aid” and “upliftment” and thats the idea of equality and not the other way round. It’s true we all are born equal (2 arms and 2 feet) but that’s where equality stops.

    • admin

      “Special treatment” here is a euphemism for something that is completely different from what you’re talking about.

  • jay

    All fake points put forward….
    Modi we want and we will vote….

    • Mehul

      There is only one reason, if anyone does not vote for Narendra Modi. Simple, that s/he is an idiot. Make sense?

      • Citius

        I concur

  • Mayur

    i am a Maharashtrian and staying in vadodara from past 1 year … Its really an awesome place to stay as far as the governance is concerned .

    Roads , Public property and especially the safety that you feel here is just awesome . with dividers and trees on highways and no bumpy roads .. i have never seen an accident which is an usual thing in Maharashtra

    I have seen girls roaming alone here till 3 AM in the morning(i was shocked if they are not human ) ! yes even in Pune a girl cannot dare to go with her bro or hubby after 10 PM.

    i’ve never seen extra importance given to any minority or so called saffron terrorists here all are equal and friendly .

    The need of an hour is to start indigenous production of arms and ammo as we have no company left to buy it from because of lobbying , the reason why china dare to point a finger at us .and modi raised a concern at it but as usual nobody gave a damn , but modi will start 1st factory in gujarat

    i would like to have the 13 taxes to be reduced as i cannot withstand the financial pressure this country is giving on my pocket .

    I have no hopes in development of Maharashtra as the Loyal marathas there are ruled by Congressi Delhi walas who are a boz on this country … we always feel that .

    last but not the least .. i would like to interview Rahul , Sonia , Digvijay and all the congress sexually and mentally depressed people like manu singhvi sheila dixit etc , who are responsible for death of Nirabhya .

    If you feel that congressis have good economists etc Forget about it . Chidambaram and Manmohan ji have always fooled us by using terms like economic crackdown , global recession .

    simple rule : Export >Import == Profit == Higher value of rupees

    Self Esteem : The only candidate with self esteem and jubaan ka saccha

    if you are not convinced with his work …..WTF lets give him a chance 5 years or may be 3 years weve given enough time to Congress 65 years ?

    • http://gravatar.com/gajendragaja gajendra

      WTF lets give him a chance 5 years or may be 3 years weve given enough time to Congress 65 years ?….hats off to this line…

  • Srini

    Its time again we the people show our power … to change the government … and have a sensible and vibrant leader given the chair to at least try nurturing our stigmatic economy and prosperity !!!

  • niraj

    This gentle man(!!) could only find 3 reasons against ModI Ji.. and has written his interpretations, which obviously are biased.. Dude go and sleep we understood u are against development of India…

    • Anshul

      Dude even the Author is trying to say the same thing. Just that he has put it in a sattirical way ..

    • kams

      Did you read the article?

    • ashwin dandwate

      please read the article before you comment.

  • Evano

    Couldn’t agree more! 1.”NO SPECIAL TREATMENT. FOR ANYONE” Be it the honest Brahmin police officer, Sanjiv BHATT or the 19 year old innocent Muslim college student Ishrat JAHAN both faced the same degree of abuse of power for personal political gains that crushes lives and families. There was no partiality there. Their kith and kin like Shweta BHATT and Shamima KAUSER suffered the same degree of harassment, lies and threats for having challenged THE leader. Some of the men and material related to both the cases have gone missing all of a sudden, as if by the divine power of THE leader. Again there was no preferential treatment for one group or another! Only Modi can deliver the purest form of unadulterated platinum grade precious FASCISM with no favoritism or partiality! What a great leader?!!

    • Krishna Chaitanya

      were you talkin about the same innocent 19 year old girl who was found in the company of 3 known terrorists and was claimed by LeT as their own, which is also stated again by David Headley during his interrogation? … the same innocent girl rite??

    • Mayank

      Evano.. dude you rock :D… i am glad you pointed out how Modi has dealt with Brahmin police officers in Gujarat… let the readers decide for them selves if he was innocent or not… becasue your allegation is unsubstantiated, but what is undeniable is his cast.. :)… i hope you can fish out more such facts so that our brothers in minority communities understand modi doesnt care about caste or religion of any terrorist whether he is bhatt or jahan…

  • Evano

    2. “HE CHALLENGES THE STATUS QUO” As the blogger writes, if you are “someone who believes in ethics and morality and ideals like secularism and democracy”, you are the STATUS QUO. If you think that real people follow other people that they like on twitter as per their free will OR if you think that internet polls are voted by real unique people, you are so old fashioned. You are the STATUS QUO. Damn you! Our leader will “CHALLENGE*” you! Disclaimer: *- Challenge could come in various forms such as your subscription to a banned terrorist organisation without your knowledge, cases against crimes you could have committed/wanted to commit 30 years ago, 1 twitter follower or internet vote / 5 paise, transfers, harassment, encounter death etc. Being Challenged by THE leader is subject to life risks. Please read the policy document carefully before being challenged.

    • Mayank

      Evani.. If you dont understand sarcasm ofcourse you are fit to chose raul baba as your guide and leader :)… moreover if you feel current status quo is the definition of democracy and ethics (how many lakh crore scams have happened in last 4 years… wow that must be record for ethics)… then you do deserve a guide and leader like Rahul baba.. please vote for him atleast we will get to know the proportion of dim-wits in the nation when the final count comes out :D

  • Evano

    3. “MINIMUM GOVERNMENT” – When a devilish lynch mob surrounds your apartment complex and you want your government to intervene in their ‘business’, SORRY you have not understood the difference between an administration, a government, a rule, kichdi and GFYS. You are still in a British Raj mind sight. If you are like Tripti Shah, the RTI activist from Vadodara whose Request To Information asking for the expenses of the 27 ‘Women Sammelens’ held by the THE leader’s government during an election year was rejected, you are just forgetting that THE leader’s government is too small even to reply to your RTI. If you insist on such information, then you will be challenged by THE leader. In your best interests, you may want to read the disclaimer about being challenged by THE leader above.

    • Vineet

      Evano – If not Modi then WHO??? I am not even getting into whether there is any truth in whatever you are saying…. Is there a viable alternative – who can deliver ???

      • Dixy

        In India its never about who… its about ‘Who not’. Choose the lesser evil- if you believe its modi then go ahead. But glorifying him, calling him the messiah who will deliver us from corruption, bad governance, low growth is just talk out of our asses.

        There’s nothing wrong in voting for Modi if one believes he’s the best amongst the lot, but its crime-like to deny his past.

      • Evano

        Vineet, frankly I don’t know. But I am sure that neither Modi nor Rahul can lead us. I may give Kejriwal a chance even though I am sure it will take a long before he becomes a major force and that odds are against him.

      • Aman

        How naive can you be man? Here is a man who has delivered in past 2 consecutive governments and all you see is bad. And then you want to support Kejriwal, who can NEVER win in this country. All Kejriwal can do is weaken the anti-congress faction by dividing them further and lead congress to absolute majority. There are two ways to win the lok sabha elections in this country, 1. Rule the illiterate and 2. Divide the educated. I see no future for India where even the educated faction is nothing but filmy.

      • Mayank

        Evano… You make fun of “Minimum government” and then say support Arvind Kejriwal :D LOL!!!

    • Mayank

      Evano… you can make 1000 more unsubstantiated claims about Modi threatening someone who challenged him.. but where is teh evidence.. whereas teh whole country saw how UPA crushed the peaceful agitations at India gate… in full glare of media.. how SAlman Khurshid incited minorities with threats like “Woh aa to jeyga par wapis kaise jayega” (refering to Kejriwal’s visit to his constituency…

      What happened in front of whole nation can not be denied.. whereas what you are claiming can be a cooked up story with no evidence at all

  • Saurabh Savaliya

    No alternate of Narendrabhai Modi…

  • http://gravatar.com/abc abc

    Evano must be a DMK folk ! Its a tamil word meaning ‘anonymous’

    • Evano

      LOL ha ha ha.. What an idea sirji ?!. I didn’t know that Evano Gucciardo is a Tamil and probably a DMK supporter too. Ancestry dot com says that they have 1455 American historical documents bearing the name Evano. I didn’t know that DMK has been quite popular in the US for such a long time or that Tamils have been living in the US for centuries. You should vote for Modi.. ROTL. :)

  • http://gravatar.com/reshmabu11 reshmabu11

    Please vote for Modi…… Its time India actually breathes in Independence and moves towards peace and prosperity..

  • http://somaniab.wordpress.com somaniab

    great post man !!

  • Pushkar

    Still the vast majority of electorate are exposed to paid media, which is one way news & a way of spreading propagenda. The people on social network who actually share information freely & openly are just a fraction of the electorate, a vast majority of which wont even vote because they are in different cities. Its more than likely that the current government will come back to power unless some miracle happens. Call me a sceptic but i prefer being a realist.

    • Indian

      u r completely right….the ones who are supporting NaMo are sitting in ACs or in nice offices….unless his supporters does hard work of reaching to remote villages..where congress manages to reach on precise election time….its very diff for him to become PM….he may be most deserving…but I am not seeing him to be PM…

  • Indian

    More important is to vote and make aware those people who don’t use internet and don’t know how to read and write. More 50% of population is in villages and more of the villages don’t have internet or computer. Newspaper say a different story than the actual…if each person takes the responsibility of updating the facts to atleast 5 such people, they you can see a change, writing on net will not bring a change….so let’s do it for the sake of India.

  • Sam

    What about the Sikh riots of Delhi, guess Modi was responsible for that as well..not Sajjan Kumar and Rajiv Gandhi!! Also the riots when India was partitioned…even for that Modi was responsible.Correct?

  • Narendra Tiwari

    Raashtrabhakti ka naya naara! Modibhakti! I want a Modi temple in Godhra where Muslims were massacred!!!!!

  • Rohit Saxena

    Congress always try to do politics on Communal thing. They always talk about BJP/Saffron/Muslim/Hindu/Riots to divert the people from main agenda which is development. According to Congress, If A Muslim/Christian/Jews worships then he is spiritual but when a Hindu does then he is communal. Congress is a party of shameless and greedy people who has lost pride/self-respect/ego in all respect.

  • K

    I am not denying the fact that Modi’s party might have had a say in the Godhra Riots. But that’s no reason for everyone not to vote for him.. That has never been a criteria for voting any party, ever before.

    By this very logic Congress should have been pronounced a Nazi government long ago, thanks to the Sikh Riots, and should have never come into power!

    Let’s not kid ourselves! No one made a hue and cry over the Sikh Riots because the meager 25 million people of the Sikh community, is in no comparison to the vote bank of 200 million people of the Muslim community in India. And THAT is the whole agenda here.

    Congress fears that now they might have to share their Muslim votes with Modi, because the educated Muslims are willingly wanting him in power too.

    Show me a better candidate with greater odds of bringing a positive change in our country, and I’ll vote for him/her instead.

  • Dhaval

    My opinion is – Lets not judge or discuss what person has done in past…now its HIGH time to give chance to the person and let him show what he can do for us and our country.

  • Rajeev

    well all so sweetly put and appears to be rational thought, Even Hitler had same credentials which then loosing party of his(like BJP now) had no option but make him the leader of there party and the aftermath is the cruel history we can not forget.

    Ek Papu aur Ek Feku…yaar papu se kaam chalalete hai zinda tho rehenge

  • A.Kumar

    Thanks for this bull shit… But now people are more educated and sane… They know their choice… This shit cannot change their mind…

  • Notyetconvinced
  • PDP

    At long last we have one great person in Bharatiya politics who thinks and works only for the country. Every time he has done anything for Gujarat, he has said that he would like to demonstrate what could be done for Bharat through the medium of Gujarat. He has never projected himself and has not every bickered in public like so many politicians have done and continue to do. He is above petty arguments and things of that sort. All he is interested in is working for the upliftment of Gujarat (presently) and Bharat. When he met Swami Ramdevji some weeks ago, he requested him not to bless him to become the next PM of Bharat but to bless him so that he could continue to work for Bharat, Bharat and Bharat!!!

    To compare him with Raul Vinci or Manmohan the Puppet etc. is silly and puerile. Comments against him are made by people who are close and narrow minded and pigeon brained. Let’s not talk of them. We should totally ignore them.

    Jai Hind! Vande Mataram!

  • n r

    Supreme writing…it clearly explains why politicos from other party are opposing.

  • vicky

    What do you mean BJP is afraid of modi?? Modi is bjp and bjp is modi…modi may be all that you promised above but then there is the bjp he is part of…If he stands with his own party without bjp then I may even consider voting for him. And before u assume I am a paid congress dog I assure u I want congress out…cant see another Gandhi!

  • http://N.A, Vijaya

    What Sri PDP says is अक्षरसहःसतयम् ।
    Modi is the युगपुरूष of भारत ।
    श्री मोदी हैं निडर,निर्भय एवम् चरित्रवान भारत के गौरव को पुनः जागृत करने के लिए।
    ऐसे निःस्वार्थ मनुष्य को अपना मतदान देकर ही भारत का पुनर-निर्वाण होगा।
    ईश्वर से आत्मीय प्रार्थना है कि ये हमारे इस पुण्यभूमि की सेवा निर्विघ््नता,उत्साह,साहस और वार्वजनिक रूप से करने में सक्षम होएँगे।
    जय भारत,सत्यमेव जयते।
    वन्दे मातरम्!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/aditya.cgworld Aditya Rana

    there are only three reason to reject Modi… But there are hundreds of reasons not to vote congress. As one reason is they ruled more then 50 years but where we stand now. .

  • Aravind

    We, the middle/ working class are the ones getting beaten up by the current government. See the food security bill from where the money is coming to waive these bills, its the taxes we pay. Tax we pay at the start of each months’s salary, while buying your gadgets, etc., I am not saying it doesn’t help the poor,but u have to be more shrewd while implementing such a huge scheme. A popular Chineese saying – ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime..’

    Dollar is getting hammered at 60+ rupees. Think what would happen if it hits 85+ petrol, electricity, imported brands, what not.. everything is going to be hit so bad. I m not kidding around 2009 dollar was at 45+ only.

    Still not invigorating?
    Okay, the current government believes that the people on FB/twitter are the bunch of people who just talk but doesn’t vote. We have to prove this wrong, take a day off for voting (8hr wage will be way way less than 5 years inflation).

    Even BJP came to power in 1990′s just because the angry middle class went out and stamped their ballot paper. Stats say, just ~5% of votes are enough to make the swing. Let us make the 5%, talk to your parents, friends, relatives. Don’t be shy, it’s our responsibility to educate them, that’s why they sent us to school.

    Tell them you don’t want to see your posterity to start speaking Chineese (Yes, you will see that coming if congress persists for another term).

  • Dileep

    The more I read about Modi’s rule the more I am impressed by all that he stands for and has achieved. Every intelligent Indian should understand Modi, put aside illogical bias against him and come out to support him openly. We need to liberate our beloved country from the corrupt rule and lack of governance we have suffered for most years since independence.

  • Shreya

    Even if someone thinks that Modi can’t do anything at the Central level, at least give him a chance.. We have given the Congress party 2 chances and the only thing that has happened is more scam and steep increase in prices of every basic thing in this country. I feel shocked that 9 years back, the prices were 20-25% of what they are now.. Nowhere in the world (except Zimbabwe) could we see such inflation of everything.. Let us give Modi a chance.. Whatever he is, he couldn’t be worse than the like of the ones now running the government.

  • kranthi

    NaMo Namaha!!

  • Sudharshan

    Why should democracy be given another chance in the first place??? We had enough of it!! And fools who are trying to push for Modi, though it would be slightly harsh a word for people seems who live in fantasy world to get rid of current governance, should be reminded of MIG scam involving george fernandes or involving arun jaitley in delhi cricket association. go read them!! there is no difference between congress and BJP. the faster you understand, the better for the nation

  • Prashant Bhatt

    It seems as if the author of this blog having been allotted a highly remunerated contract from Congress with the sole ulterior intention to turn-down Narendra Modi.. on the other hand, completely ignoring the non-governance and very-very high valued corruptions of Congress and its allies.

    This write-up is 100% ex-parte. Its just an anti-Modi campaign and nothing-nothing else..

    • Aravind

      Please read it fully. It is written in a satirical way.

    • Kabir

      U guys are really stupid.. the blogger is Pro-Modi and not anti-modi …. !! Imagine if modi gets to rule… such idiots will run the show… coz his followers are fighting among themselves… Dear blogger… u have amazing mistake in your blog… mostly language and grammar mistakes… plz either improve your language or use a language that you are good with… People here are commenting without using brains… they dont even understand what is being talking about…. !! Congress is a thief and so is BJP … to the gentleman who was talking abt girls being safe in gujarat … well “rape” is not the only torture… also, i have lived all my life in gujarat and i know… ppl will take advantage if they can however gujaratis dont have the guts nor they would want to risk doing something like that and get caught… They live to earn money… !!

      • Kabir

        ** i have made some mistake(s) … so u realize what i am talking about…dont dig at me saying i made mistakes too … i know i did !!

    • Ram HH

      Dude, at the point of irritation, read. Understand. if not, read again. Still in doubt? not able to understand? show it to someone who can. get the correct picture. also, read a few of the comments made by others. then, decide what you want to do with the above comment.

      I never was a big fan of politics, be it Congress, BJP, etc., etc. but Narendra Modi, he’s HATKE. that’s why i’d really love to see this guy be our administrator. i want to see what he can pull out of India’s magic hat! Hence my support to Narendra Modi.

  • Amitava Ghose

    Completely agree

  • Deepak Gurjar

    India was better off in British Raj.60 years of congress misrule and systematic looting of India has brought misfortune on Indians. They taught corruption to babus,adulteration in food ,bad roads,bad education and bad economics. They also had faulty foreign policy. All our neighbours are against us.They never solve any problem and think that with time
    all problems will vanish automatically e.g. Telangana issue,Maharashtra-Karnataka border issue Cauvery water and
    Ram Temple in Ayodhya.
    All parties are communal except CPI and CPI(M).Hindu religion is true secularism we have no agenda to make the whole world Hindu unlike Christians and Islam. It is our duty to rid India of this cancer of Congress .We need a nationalist like NaMo to lead us out of the recession .In China, a corrupt minister is sent to gallows .When will that happen in India? How long can we tolerate these goons in khadi ? They deserve to be behind bars not in Loksabha or Rajyasabha !

  • I support for Modi

    F**k off with your comments you IDIOT. You are talking about these 3 points about Modi, why dont you speak about corruption which has done by the congress, rape cases in delhi or the economic slow down. They are the biggest looters in the history of india. I bet you that I can list such hundreds of things about congress and you cant write about Modi more than 5.

  • Someone who witnessed Gujarat first hand

    How does it feel like to sell your soul to him? It’s pretty evident that you are either being paid or being given BJs to write all this, because this is in no way an objective write-up. Or may be your mom may be involved. Well, anyhow, you should continue on this and wait for the day when you and your family is caught in the next riots instigated by his goons and overseen by him.

    I am an anti-Congress guy, but it’s the fact that my alternative is BJP, specifically this monster, is what keeps me away from voting for them. And I will make sure as many people as possible understand why he is a monster. By the way, just a correction, the RSS and VHP still call the shots when it comes to BJP. It was clear from the entire Advani saga, and the subsequent reigniting of the temple issue. So, your argument falls flat on that aspect.

    • admin

      No, I’m not being paid. It’s the BJs that keep me going. Sodomy and the BJP are old friends, you know. It’s called the “BJ” Party for a reason.

    • srikanth

      OK my friend then who do you think is the best candidate for PM in 2014. Congress has already declared they are going with Rahul Gandhi…….. dont tell me you wont vote………

      • Someone who witnessed Gujarat first hand

        Well, again, let me correct you. Neither of the two parties have declared their PM candidate. It’s media-created hype and presumptions. In fact, we can say with some surety that if the BJP/NDA wins, Narendra Modi is most certainly going to be the PM. However, if the Congress does win, it’s not certain that Rahul Gandhi will be the PM.

        I am in no way saying that Rahul Gandhi is a deserving candidate. He is not capable enough for such a responsibility. I am talking about the group that will be leading the country and not one person. I am sure you do know that in our country, the PM is only as good as his party and its allies. My conscience doesn’t allow me to vote for the BJP. They are a fundamentally flawed, communally driven (RSS, VHP and Sena are their main allies) party, with a man at the helm, who orchestrated one of the biggest genocides in history (anyone who thinks he wasn’t involved just needs a reality check.) For all their flaws and ineptness, Congress unfortunately is the lesser of the two evils.

        I’ll most certainly vote, even if to exercise my right of no-vote. But never the BJP and their hindutva-driven agenda. Not over my dead body.

      • Jai

        Not sure whether you are trying to fool yourself or if you are the wolf trying to act like goody goody sheep. If CONgress wins Rahul Gandhi is as sure to be the PM as sugar dissolves in water. And I know that you know that as well.

        If you think Modi is responsible for Gujrat riots and that is the reason why you do not vote for him, then the first people you should not vote for is CONgress because all the riots anywhere else in the country dine independence then happened because of them and all those people died because off them

        Also as someone who witnesses Gujrat, I hope you have witnessed all the years after the riots as well….

      • siddharth

        That guy is a wolf in sheep skin for sure.. BJP is communal because they have some sympathies towards hindus , and congress is secular because they go to any extent to lick the minorities.. haha.. what a joke.. When this nation will fail because of congress and its crap tab kya secularism ka ghanta bajayega saale.. i dunno if BJP is communal or not, but its a small flaw i can live with for the sake of my nation and sacrifice of both hindus and muslims for our freedom struggle.

      • For_India

        I think you forgot about Sikh roits fuelled by congress…..
        You also forgot about Assam riots…. where lakhs of bangaladeshis have been brought in to serve as vote bank of congress.
        These people have increased unrest in Assam. Crime rate in Assam is soaring.

      • Suraj Nagori

        My friend, what is Hindutva ? ‘Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti’. Truth is one, experts have different opinions. No other religion can be or ever has been more accommodating than Hinduism. You can be an athiest and a Hindu at the same time but such is not the case with others. I am a proud Hindu.

        Then you say: ‘He orchestrated the biggest genocide’. I am not a Gujarati and also not Modi’s supporter. But the fact remains that in the past 10 years, no one has talked so much about punishment to politicians for riots in Gujarat (1969), Anti Sikh riots (1984), Bhagalpur (1989), Mumbai (1993). Muslims were the biggest victims of 4 of these riots. We should talk about all of these (and not only 2002) when talking of genocides.

        I am not decided on who to vote for in 2014 but Modi, it seems after recent election results, is being accepted by Muslims. Given our history, Congress is no more secular than BJP and BJP is no more communal than Congress. What we as a nation need is to have a leader who gives employment, accountable bureaucracy, development and safety to all Indians and not divide us in the name of religion, caste etc.

        Jai Hind

      • Not paid but still supporter

        Hi Friends,

        I am still not able to understand why Modi is being accused for Gujarat Riots, did he go out and told people to riot (as so called secular party member Sajjan Kumar did in Delhi) or he is giving the people involved in riots some pension (as Congress is giving to terrorists) or is talking nonsense like most secular person of earth (Digvijay Singh), all he is doing a good governance and i don’t know why people can’t see it.

        why people want to drag religions in politics, if BJP is pro Hindu what is problem in that they are going to kill like terrorists, but one thing sure they will also not pardon the so called secular terrorists.
        Now it depends on you whether you want to let suffer India just because Modi is Hindu and you are so called Secular its something i can’t understand.

      • Maulik Doshi

        “Biggest Genocides in history” – Man that statement itself is away from facts. Biggest Genocide was done in 1980 under VP Singh’s (CONGRESS) rule in Moradabad. Check the facts. Out of 17 genocides in India, 8 were under Congress Rule,

        From the Outlook Megazine – Outlook notes that there have been “58 major communal riots in 47 places since 1967. Ten in South India, 12 in East, 16 in West and 20 in North India. Since 1964, Ahmedabad has seen five major riots and Hyderabad four. The 1990s saw the most riots in the last five decades: 23. The 1970s saw seven riots, the 1980s 14; the 2000s have seen 13. Total toll: 12,828 (South 597, West 3,426, East 3,581 and North 5,224). In 1964, a wave of rioting in Calcutta (now Kolkata), Jamshedpur and Rourkela killed 2,500.”

        Hope it clears your issues on genocides and reduces your concience. And if you are thinking you can’t vote for someone because of genocides, look where all other CM’s went.

      • Deepak Gurjar

        Don’t forget that this nation was divided on religious basis . Hindus are secular.We do not need any pseudo secular party to teach us secularism. Those who talk about secularism are hypocrites .Are the minorities here secular ? No. We have to reform mindsets of rural and urban Indians . We still have Khap panchayats. The media is biased against Modi.They are also corrupt. The system would have long collapsed under Congress rule
        had it not been for a small percent of honest and upright official in the babudom .We need good quality education which is free for all .Then we have a slender chance of
        taking on China on economic front and battlefront as well. Otherwise God be with us !

      • Vijay Chawla

        I wonder how you are such a lowly dumbwit when you say ” with a man at the helm, who orchestrated one of the biggest genocides in history “”"”" as there were about 1000 persons dead , about 750 muslims & rest were hindus , in the post Godhra riots . In 1984 the persons killed in only Delhi were more than three times of post Godhra figures , not to talks killings in pan India killings. You are just pandering to Teesta & pro secular groups figures which are just high figh figures .

      • Pramod Bhuvankar

        I think it’s a futile exercise to explain to ‘Someone who..’, the reasons to vote for Modi, as their reluctance and resistance towards BJP is deeply rooted elsewhere. So by the virtue of what community they belong, it’s highly unlikely and it will take a very educated and intelligent individual from the community understand the larger crisis that we face in India today. more than 40% of the muslims live below the poverty line today, and it doesn’t take a genius to realize that good governance and economic reforms are more important than petty conflicts of interest and agenda clashes. So I suggest sane people to not waste time in convincing the inconvincible. Focus on convincing the people who could be convinced.

  • Kiran Rabanal

    For all those who have commented. Please turn up yourselves during elections and caste your vote.

  • http://gravatar.com/amritawrites Amrita

    That was a smart post …and as usual followed by smart comments. I guess we should sit up and start making smart decisions now…It’s about time we did that.
    Great writing though. I think it makes you think that is what is really needed !

  • sameershisodia

    Haven’t we already “lost” as citizens if we have to wait with bated breath for favours from a benevolent “ruler” to do a good job of it? Whatever happened to democracy? And what role are we ready to play to fix things beyond choosing between one individual lead cult and the other? Surely we have more responsibilities than that!

  • Devaki Kunte

    The problem is the uneducated rural population of India – they have no idea of whats going on and would normally vote only for parties that pay/gift them for voting :( Good article though!

  • Juliet T

    I do not understand why is everyone discussing Narendra Modi vs Congress as if those two are the only viable alternatives. What about giving someone else a chance(read: AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal). The lack of mention of his name itself shows that these articles are heavily biased and just put out to influence the mindless masses.

    It has always been the Indian attitude to find idols in everything, be it Sachin Tendulkar or Sonia Gandhi or now now Narendra Modi. Administration is teamwork, and no one is asking questions like in NaMo camp, who is qualified to handle portfolios like Home, Finance, External Affairs and Defence.

    This proves that once again, we look up to one man to deliver us, hence we are incapable of democratic thought. We would rather be ruled upon.

    • sanchit singh

      You are very much right, if I may ask the writer, can he throw some light on other strongholds in Modi government in Gujrat, we know about the Centre, but not about those his aides at state level. Please do so!

  • uday rathi

    Only modi modi modi can get a change we indians deserve

  • Ravi

    hehehe some people do not even understand this article. but they however in any case in support of Modi.. amazing.

  • prajakta

    dislike for the writer!!!

  • Asif

    If this essay is written in exam , the writer would have got full marks but infortunately it is not Alice in wonderland. The person who can’t stop riots and killing of innocent human beings in a state how would you expect him to administer the country. There are many more points but I think the above is loud and clear.

    • http://www.magalic.com/ Magali


    • Sid

      Well how come the congress…responsible for killing thousands of Sikhs and the family for ordering it is allowed…does this apply only for Muslims? Who incidentally are hated world wide for their violent and hateful behaviour and where they are in majority they treat minorities worse than any other nation

      • For_India

        I completely agree with you… The freedom minority community (specially Muslims) enjoy in India can be found no where else. Not even in other Muslim countries…… More Over its not about Muslin & Hindu. It about making India a clean place to live. Terror Free…..

  • Aditya

    I don’t think just because of his impartial nature towards different castes etc. it should be considered that he is unfit for office. Infact doesn’t it make him even more eligible. No special treatment at least on caste, creed etc. matters is what is required.
    At the same time looing at today’s political scenario the status quo clearly needs to be questioned as it is at present.

  • subrahmanyam

    I completely agree with you, appreciate your views

    • Deepak Gurjar

      India should resort to Presidential electoral system like the USA.Or have a benevolent dictator
      like Singapore’s late Lee Kwan Yew to put India back on track.

  • Sunny

    I need to get access to his marketing team. Need it for my startup firm

  • Ajay

    Tried to stop myself But sorry i cant … aap ‘Chu’ hai ….. We as Indians dont want a modi temple and I am damm sure dont want any massacre irespective of religion….. What we want is corruption free govt. which can help country run effectively and efficiently. And I feel that Voting BJP (Under the leadership of modi) we can achieve that (Or atleast it will be a good start)

  • red salute

    Lal salaam…vote for CPI to make india a real super power

  • red salute

    Is there any party who says that we will get rid of basic evils in the country? Is there anyone who says that we will remove the column of religion and caste from the school forms? is there any party/person who says that India will not support NATO or their alliances ? Is there any minister/party who says that there will be more privileges to farmers, laborers, militarymen, etc.? Is there any minister/party who wants all the hospitals and industries under the control of government? Is there any minister/party who wants all the schools and colleges to have the same curriculum and control?

    Try to search my friends and you will get the answer.

    In my opinion, there is only one answer to that. Communist Party.

    We should better sacrifice our freedom for the sake of our country. If everyone is asked to have limited freedom, there wont be any riots further, there wont be any drunken driving, there wont be any domestic violence, there wont be any farmer suicide, there wont be huge difference between rich and poor, there will be minimum guarantee of food, shelter, and medicines from the government to all the citizens of the country. For all these, you need an atheist government as once said by Shahid Bhagat Singh.


  • NC

    so true, i wish this message gets across the board.. the difference between administration and rule is glaring.. i remember when Mayawati won the elections in UP, there were statements on the walls of Mumbai – ‘UP is under BSP rule, our next aim is to rule India’. Are we still under the ‘raj’ era? India needs Modi now more than ever. Folks who are hesitant about Modi should really visit Gujarat for a few days to understand what this phenomenon is about.

  • NC

    I will answer you in the tone you have set. I am not pro congress or bjp, but I wish to see Modi as our PM.

    With Modi, we get a leader with balls, unlike Manmohan Singh or anyone else in Congress / BJP. He has a vision and the mind to think 10-20 years down the line unlike the bills we see today (food security, free laptops etc.).

    • Aquarianage

      @Sudharshan: An Optimist invented Aeroplane and a Pessimist invented Parachute… We all want to find a Aero plane to fly high evenw e crash.. But yous eem to pack a Parachute eevn before you get intoa flight , because you ahve heard of a few Air crashes before…. Modi is/will be and may be (even take your pessimism with poiltical aprties acceptable)

      At leastw ewill not have Fly by wire from 10 Janpath Prime mInsiters, Coal Smeared Ministers and plundering money in KG on lesser weighing 3G and 2G gang. Above all.,we will not ahev some one who do not seek parilament to agree on a Food security bill but pushes through an Ordinance, but talse about parliamentary democracy when it suites them in Lokpal and nuclear treaty….and we can at least hope to forget the episodes tahta child is also laughing at… taking away cameras bya neighbouring country and returning them on asking .Thsi government amde the governance a kids act …

  • Ankit Agarwal

    Go to Wikipedia and read about the 1984 Sikh Riots, you will be ashamed to call yourself an Indian afterwards!

  • vishal

    How come nobody is talking about the SCAMS of Congress in just last 10 years.

  • Ron

    Please go and read the SIT report and the facts presented in the report which are supported and authenticated by various media reports. I am sure your doubt will be cleared. There is also other website, I have provided the link here. It re creates what actually happend hour by hour supported and validated by national as well as international media reports. I hope after reading the whole thing you would know what modi did to put and end to the riots and how fast.


    Please go through all of the myths one by one. If you have a brain which is capable of logical reasoning you will know what it wants to say. Once again, all the facts are not just randomly thrown in. Every this is supported by the media reports (National as well as international).

    • Raj

      SIT just presented its facts to the court. This report could be questioned in a court of law for its veracity. In other words, SIT report is report of opinions that could be challenged in courts. In addition, the SC, tossed the case back to a lower court where the aggrieved party could file a protest petition. Right now, the lower court is hearing this petition and anything could happen in the court. Raju, the amicus curae has presented a completely different report against the main SIT report. Both reports are in the lower court and let us see what happens now.

  • Guest

    You are barking up the wrong tree, my friend. Sure, the congress sucks, and definitely Narendra Modi is no alternative, but there’s no point telling that to Internet Hindus. Apart from lacking a sense of humour and being in denial about the non-secular designs of the BJP-RSS, they construct a parallel “Congress also did that” argument for every argument you’d throw at them. Their logic is circular, there’s no point combating. On the other hand, they are also not a vote bank, so we can safely ignore such blogs. If you really must engage with them, try engaging with them sarcastically, you will be surprised how they lap it up. On a more useful note, I think we need to just vote people who make sense to vote for locally (in our constituency), and hope that the coalition at the center will have enough people from among them. Who knows, the next coalition might find a somewhat greater percentage of sensible ministers than this one! Don’t stop voting!

  • Sunil

    I dnt understand y a CM is considered responsible for the riots.. wen d mob is out of control nothing muck can be done..think on wht went wrong to invoke such a reaction..?? no body blames indira gandhi wen sikhs vr butchered or wen thr vr riots in congress ruled states..

    • Rahul

      The issue is not about control but turning a blind eye while people were getting killed ,
      btw even congress is guilty of doing that during the sikh riots .

  • Maulik Doshi

    And another problem is educated idiots, who will be posting on forums from their computer’s desk but will not go and vote. If those people vote then itself politicians will be better. There are SC Vote Bank, OBC Vote Bank, Muslim Vote Bank, Gay vote bank – Ever heard -> Educated Vote Bank, Engineer Vote Bank, Doctor Vote Bank, Factory Worker Vote Bank, Middle Class Vote Bank? They can only turn the system because then politicians will only need to look out for Work & Welfare.

    • Avadhut Das

      If voting could also be done over the cell-phone or from one’s own computer, then there will be a revolution in voting-participation.

      • Anurag

        well it would be better but come on. the current system takes 2 hours in 5 years, that’s not like demanding blood. and it’s not only about going to vote. It’s about being politically aware and realizing how much our negligence is costing us.

      • ks2882

        oh…people like u who are too lazy to vote , how can you even comment on political reality of India? Shameful! Ever heard of even rich countries in Europe or US or UK doing voting on cellphone? Young people there are more active in voting than older ones….Obama won election by college crowd not by rural votes which is still a republican stronghold, if we wanna be like America then learn their social activism also.(NOT SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVISM).. Its a duty , like taking kid for vaccine dose , sit lazing in home on cellphone then you have only yourself to blame for.

  • Rajiv

    It is only the rural population of India, who still carry the genes of our 5,000 year old civilization, who will, in their wisdom, deliver India from this abomination! :)

  • ProudIndian

    I wonder how people still talk about Gujarat and never utter a word for what happened in Aasam or ever Sikh riot.

  • Radhakrishnan KG

    Who is the writer? My compliments to him/her. Very well thought out! You’re an asset to the Modi election campaign.

  • Indian

    I have seen your comments in other blogs too..you copy paste these comments everywhere of RIOTS RIOTS…

  • Avadhut Das

    “And I will make sure as many people as possible understand why he is a monster.”

    For doing so, you will actually have to continue writing your text explaining your point and not vanish away right immediately after making the claim. So… when do we get to hear that explanation which has not already been thrashed multiple times over?

    And ofcourse being a result oriented practical person you will not only bring the problem to public awareness, but also you will offer an immediately implementable solution that will manifest superior benefit for our nation (not only within our nation, but also from an international perspective) than the one that is foreseeable from after Narendrabhai’s becoming the PM.

  • bhuwan

    Mr author , you seriously want people to vote Modi because he doesn’t give subsidy to farmers.
    at least if you are honest with yourself please go an see an average farmer and how much is he dependent on free electricity, If GOI decides to implement his policy for rest of India under Modi, farmers would stop to grow paddy , because subsidy is all that lies as margin between their investment and output.

  • Pradeep

    How do you suggest to vote for Rahul or Cong. Better have some relative explanation to justify yourself the other way. By the way, I did not understand your intension! Pls justify youself

  • Nitin Goyal

    Another sickening thing about Indian mentality is that we haven’t learnt any lesson from past 66 years. When an honest alternative with clear public-oriented policies is presented before them, rather than feeling fortunate about it, they start thinking about vote bank politics and are concerned that they will only cut anti-congress votes. Come on, does it really matter which of these party win? Haven’t we learnt from past governments that none of them will do the much needed revamp of the Indian political and judicial system? I personally liked Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s administration for some of the development activities it did but it still didn’t do anything to give power in the hands of people. I hope the same from Modi’s administration if he comes to power.

    In a nut shell, one person can’t be trusted to solve all the problems of the entire nation, be it Narendra Modi or Arvind Kejriwal. What’s important is the need to give power back to the people so they can solve their local issues by themselves and to make sure that judiciary is effective in getting justice for even a common man.

  • David Cook

    I have heard many comments and allegations against BJP over the last 20 years. I have also experienced the governance of one political party which ruled India for the majority of 50 years after Independence. All of us can see the results and I think it is time for a change. I have concluded that I will support Narendra Modi in 2014 elections.

  • JM

    The problem of India is that you are ruled by Indians. Congress, BJP, who cares, they are all Indians. What you should do is to outsource your Government. I recommend you to choose some Chinese or Japanese people, they are really smart, diligent, disciplined and well-intentioned.

  • Informed

    jayalalitha doesn’t have a caste advantage, but dis-advantage. She is a brahmin from a village near mysore, and tamil politics and average tamil voter hates brahmins

  • Deepak Gurjar

    did you witness burning 60 innocent people in Godhra which triggered off the carnage in Gujarat.If Godhra had not happened, the riots would not have taken place.

  • http://rahulbemba.blogspot.com/ rahulthinks

    Wonderful… We must vote for Modi and hence vote against corruption… He is the answer to lots of problems in our country…

  • VedhasD

    We need constant change of power or governance, this will ensure that all parties keep abreast in their work and should introduce core competency in these parties, so that their reign will ensure development!

  • Bhaskar Saxena

    Mr. Sudarshan. I am a strong Hindu, Modi supporter ( Not BJP ) and usually spend time only reading the comments my fellow countrymen post on articles like these to see how people have different opinions on the same thing, in this case, Mr. Modi being the PM. I usually refrain from commenting on any post since I believe every person has a right to think what is good for themselves and put forward their thoughts.

    However, I did feel a need to type a HUMBLE reply to your thoughts mentioned above. Like I mentioned above, although my family is a staunch BJP supporter and indirectly Mr. Modi, However, as a 27 year old frustrated youngster of this country I do have a feeling that Mr. Modi is the person we need today. Let me quickly clarify, if he was in congress, I would have still voted for Modi. So now you can imagine how I hate/dislike any party but support a Leader named Modi. When I said a frustrated Indian, let me clarify, I am not jobless looking for a job, or someone who wants reservation for myself or my community or that I am so poor that I cant eat 3 meals a day! I am really good at what I do and earn good enough to live a happy life. However I am frustrated that when I catch a rikshaw to go 1 km from my place, i have to pay the riskhawalla 100rs and I just cant do anything about it. Or that when I am driving on the road, i see a bunch of goons stop their cars in middle of the road just coz they belong to a certain political party. or when I wish to get a driving license for myself, i have no option but to approach an agent because there is no counter where I can know how to get things started legally. or when i hear news that chinese troops have entered 20kms into our country and our leaders take 10 days to humbly ask them to leave and they leave with a smirk on the face saying we will return, and they return back in 2 months to get a non-functional cctv camera from indian territory.

    My friend, for once lets forget about any political party and vote for someone who has atleast shown a spark that our country could be great and get back the pride we Indians have lost over the last 50 decades. Even if he is not a superman who will change the country in an instance, lets give him a chance once and let him prove. We give chance to others, then why not him. If he isnt good for 5 years, then we always have the option to bring him down. But yes, MODI DESERVES A CHANCE. Congress/ BJP , they may all be corrupt, but if we see a ray of hope in someone, lets stand by him. And yes, like your concluding sentence, The faster you make up your mind and realize this, the better for the nation.

  • Rohitshyam Chaturvedi

    आसमां पर थूकने से,मुँह बिगड़ता है ज़नाब,
    हाथ में छाले पड़ेंगे,जो छू रहे हैं आफ़ताब ।
    गैर पर ऊँगली उठाना है बहुत आसां मगर,
    आईना हो सामने जब,उतर जाता है नकाब ।
    ” शलभ “

  • B. Pranesh

    Economist Amartya Sen has stated that in Education and Malnutrition, many states have done better than Gujarat. In this world, all people, situations and Organisations are imperfect. Only God is perfect. Please look at Mr. Narendra Modi’s weak points also. Look at people below poverty line in Gujarat. He is promoting Corporates but does not control the damage done to the environment. We are all zeros before Nature as seen from Nature’s fury in USA and Uttarakhand.

  • scveda

    ^do your homework kid.. and then comment.

  • Kanti Gopal

    There were similar sentiments about Hitler before he actually destroyed humanity. The job of a politician is not that of a trader. Politicians are supposed to uphold the constitution. Business people are supposed to grow the economy.

    Modi did not do it when Godhra happened. He is so shameless that he does not want to apologize. He will not care about your civil liberties when he takes charge. Do not vote for a person whose primary identity is that of religion.

    THis does not mean that we vote for Congress (corrupt and highly incompetent.). They can sell this country to any one who gives them a cut. This also does not mean that we vote for Left, who lick Chinese ****. It also does not mean that we vote for NCP and Shiv Sena, BSP, SP and DMK and the like. They are opportunistic and have no morals.

    Those who actively contribute to these comments sections should take the leap and stand for elections in 2014. I am planning to. If we have a point of view we should stand. Votes should have choices beyond this political class.

    To summarize say no to the present political class.


    last ten year were well controlled by central authorities

  • Deepak Gurjar

    you are wearing tinted glasses.post independent riots in Congress ruling states have killed more people.
    They even killed their partymen like Lalit Maken and Lalitnarayan Mishra. During emergency, they were
    crossing all limits and then ’84 sikh massacre….

  • Suryanarayana Venkatraman

    so I am convinced that I should vote and hoot for Modi as others have millions + reasons ! which convinces
    me not to vote for them !

  • Deepak Gurjar

    Do you want to out source Chinese administration for India?We need election reforms like voting rights for only those who are graduates,only those who pay income tax only those who have three or less children and only those who have no criminal record.All those illiterates who do not know what is good for them ,cannot possibly know what is good for the country. They just accept money and freebees and vote for that party.Switzerland does not have any PM or President they have a panel of six who take important decisions collectively. Today it is Sonia and an insipid PM !

  • Vikas

    I like Arvind Kejriwal but his party isn’t really in the running and they aren’t really qualified to form a government as of now. At best, they can cause a vote shift between the principal parties. And ofcourse, this article is biased, it is on a vote4modi website.

    Coming to Modi, granted, he is looked at as the silver bullet. The middle class consider him a panacea following years of malgovernance under the UPA. This is no different from the US system where Presidential elections take place where people vote for one person. Nobody in the US or anywhere else looked at who’d be given other portfolios while electing their governments. That is just how it works.

    There is a need for an authority at the very top and for the NaMo fans, that person is Modi. He is our best bet given our options I’d say.

  • Vikas

    Riots used to happen more frequently in Gujrat. Modi has now brought things in check. Despite all attempts by his opponents to bring him down, Modi is still there. The Congress-backed media seemed intent on tainting Modi for years succeeding the riots. But there hasn’t been a shred of evidence strong enough to put Modi away. Maybe it’s time to accept, Modi wasn’t perhaps to blame for the riots following the Godra incident.

    The riots were horrible. But Modi or anyone else in that position couldn’t have acted differently to stop it once communal tensions had been incited. He has done a more than impressive job to ensure such incidents did not repeat and also done a stellar job on the administration front. For these reasons, stop letting hate get the best of you. From an objective standpoint, Modi is as good a Prime Ministerial candidate as any.

  • Vinod Kumar Jain

    He is a Strong Leader to lead nation in proper direction,economy industrilation, Woman secure,Farmer will get there good Value of Grain & pulse,Army will Proud of them for steel man lead,development Geographycally ,Mentaly,financialy etc.
    Last i will say Atal Ji not go dowen time of Kargil,When USA say we will not give any finacial Add.Atal ji Okey we will not ask any money. Than USA will come down.
    I will say Vote for Strog Person Only Who may be Modi Or any from Other Party also
    V.K.Jain Mandideep

  • bhushan

    Only three reasons t there are only three reason to reject Modi… But there are hundreds of reasons to vote Mr. Modi

  • Anirudha

    If us all educated people decide to vote, then 180 million vote bank of Muslims can’t do anything. If we don’t vote this time and elect modi, then we have no right to complain and moan. Be prepared to get converted to Islam, your daughters, sisters violated by Muslims..basically get ready to live in hell called india.

  • Deepak Gurjar

    It is of paramount importance that the corrupt parties like Congress and NCP are voted out of power and decimated .Then BJP must be able to form Govt. on it’s own. BJP must not be a clone of Congress like last NDA which was not much different from Congress. People must see the difference.Better and Cheaper education,cheaper and unadulterated food,Safer cities, empowered and emancipated women.Firm policy on all borders. Higher salaries to teachers and police to root out corruption and severe punishment for the corrupt in fast track courts.This is all we need and not impossible. The Muslims will also vote for BJP with good governance.

  • vivek Sabberwal

    Thoooo thooooio
    No reason to not vote 4 modi !!!!
    Har bhartute ki maang namo namo !!♤♤♤

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  • John Mendonce

    Oh please give me a break. A man who presided over the death of about 5000 Hindus and muslims has no right to be PM. He should be in jail. A clean chit was given due to lack of evidence which the state machinery got rid of. Even if we believe him to be innocent, stopping the riots was his prime duty which he failed at. I pity those who think of voting for this remorseless heartless monster.

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